H264 Mp4 File takes long time to save


For some reason just lately, I have been having trouble saving Videos (Ex TV recordings) as H264 Mp4 Format. I go to save the file and nothing happens on the progress bar, or if it does it is extremely slow. I cancel that particular saving process and start again by saving it again to Mp4. This normally works ok this time around.
I have no problem in saving to H264 Transport Stream (.ts) as this always save the file very quickly, but sometimes I need the longer programs in MP4 format as my Samsung Smart TV will normally only play around 45 minuites using the USB flashdrive before freezing. The picture will freeze and the sound will continue to play . If I play them on another playback device e.g. FreeView Box receiver as a .ts file using the USB, they play for hours no problems. I am not sure what started the .ts issue as I can remember a year or so ago, I could play any movie for a couple of hours in the .ts format without any freezing.
I am using VRD Version - Sep 2018
Any help would be appreciated


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I would suggest trying the Version 6 beta to see if that improves things. There's a free trial. If it does, then upgrade, if not, let us know and we can check it out.
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