H.264 (MPEG-4) editing

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Is it too much to ask?

Point 1. Happy with Videoredo for my Toppy etc.
Last month I purchased a Lumix/Panasonic digital snappy camera.
It has a video function. This is a still image digital camera with video add on.
Why does Videoredo not support this format everyone is screaming out for??????:mad:
Nearly 2 YEARS AGO Dan Rosen told us it was months away (see below).
SO where is it???????????????????????????? :confused::confused::confused:

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Please, no more replies to this thread. We hear you load and clear and have already started on this project. Its going to take a number of months so please be patient. When we have product to test we will post a message over in the beta section.
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I am closing this thread.

As has been previously posted:
Please send me a PM (Private Message) if you wish to join the Alpha testing for H.264

You must be a registered TVSuite user and registered on this forum.

If the email address you use for the forum is different than the email used to purchase, please provide the purchase email in your PM so I can confirm you are a registered TVSuite user to participate.
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