GUI_DVDAuthor vs Ulead MovieFactory 4

Lester Burnham

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Thanks, TimA-C. Am looking forward to trying that PVR Strumento utility.

Have set up WinTV2K to record at 4.5 mbits and the resultant files after removing Ads come out at ~1.5 GB. So I should be able to squeeze 3 shows on a DVD5 with a little assist from either DVDShrink, or running them through Ulead's DMF4.

Again, thanks.

I've captured at, and re-encoded to around 4.4 mbits (not all the time, but some of the time, when I want a certain amount of content per disk), and found the results to be very pleasing at SD, D1 for DVD-Video. 2-3 mbits can look weak, but 4 and above, tend to look reasonably good.

I have to say, I've found the hardware encoding with the PVR USB2, suprisingly good for something doing it in real-time.
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