GoPro 6 Black & HEVC H265

Hi guys, after a long stint away from the videography game, thought it was time to start refreshing my brain a bit.

I am heading off to do some off the beaten track travel thru Asia soon, and because i have to travel as light as i can, i have decided to invest in a GoPro 6 Black, which shoots 4k/60p & 1080/60p in the new h265 format (HEVC) and uses a bitrate of around 80Mbps, so i am currently trying to find someone who has some original h265 footage (4k & 1080) shot on the GoPro 6 so i can test it out in VRD Pro prior to outlaying the cash on the camera, otherwise i may need to look at an alternative action type camera that shoots in h264.

If i have h265 footage, can it be imported into VRD Pro and re-converted to h264 prior to editing, as i would believe that h265 files cannot be edited unless converted first.

If anyone can she some light on this topic for me i would appreciate it very much.



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We have a universal module that uses FFmpeg to decode any format and present it to VideoReDo as uncompressed frames. So you should be able to open the file, but it will be forced to recode on output. Smart editing of H.265 will be a v6 feature.
Thanks Dan, when is v6 due for release, i thought it would be here already.

Anyway, so as i understand, i need to force recode the h265 files to h264 (mp4 or whatever) at whatever bitrate i choose, then edit the file and smart render back to h264.

In v6 will we be able to smart edit h265 files and then smart render them back out to h265, the same as we can right now with h264 files.
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Hi guys, any updates to this topic and the questions i asked in my 2nd post ?

I can't play any HEVC (h265) files (4k/1080p/720p) on any of my TV's, either direct from a USB portable hard drive, nor by using a western digital TV box connected the the TV, so i have had to convert these files to h264 mp4 with my VRD Pro to be able to edit them and then watch them on TV, however the h265 files do play fine on my laptop.

Would love to be able to edit h265 files and smart render them back to h265 because of the smaller file size that the higher compression offers, and retain the h265 files for archiving, and only output them to mp4 for playing support on TV, but i am also worried that maybe h265 (HEVC) is not going to be used or supported into the future the way some people thought it might be used, but i am keen to find out if there are any smart TV's out there that do support playback of h265 files.


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Hi Glen, Can you upload a GoPro HEVC sample to us so we can check them out in Version 6?

My guess is that you'll start to see native HEVC support in televisions next year as ATSC 3.0 rolls out here in the USA. ATSC is the broadcast standard in North America just as DVB is the broadcast standard in Europe and Aus. ATSC uses HEVC as one of the codec options.