"GOP size" checkbox, is the FFmpeg setting for this a simple flag?


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I noticed that there is in (Advanced Options) a "GOP size" check box and settings.

As VRD uses FFmpeg, is there a simple flag setting that VRD/FFmpeg uses to set the GOP size?

Tried to look that up and it was a mess, no one listed just a simple command line flag setting for GOP size.

Sort of a simple "-G 30" type command would be nice.
I expect that to be "too good to be true" and that it is complicated.

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We don't use ffmpeg for everything. We use it for reading and outputting MP4, MKV and a couple other formats but the actual processing code is ours. The way we shorten GOPs depends on the output. For an MPEG-2 smart render we do it by converting a frame in the middle of a long GOP to an I frame. For all other situations we force a recode and set a flag in the encoder. Each encoder has it's own way of doing this, but they all have a way.
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