Giving v6 a shot

Well I noticed you had the beta up today so going to give it a go on my latest batch of weekly captures. It appears that if you have a current version of v5 h264 you can use your key to run it so thank you for that and it will get a lot of beta testers working things out for you. I've been having issues with auto comercial removal marking completely un marked areas and removing them when I enabled it in 5 so I haven't been using it anymore and just batch scanning then doing the marking of the commercial breaks manually of the scene markers ad detective puts down. The Pro beta I tried did work so maybe whatever glitch or bug my 5 has is fixed again in 6.


Staff member
First off, please try the 792 beta. If you're still having issues with auto remove, let us know. I did have one issue myself where after adding individual cuts marked the entire video as cut (red). Pressed ctrl+z to undo, and that seemed to fix it. Haven't been able to duplicate.

If you need a Pro 6 beta, let us know via email to support.
Thanks, didn't know about control z and I have had that issue a long time. I just stopped letting it automatically mark the skipped areas and set them myself after batching a week of captures through the ad detective, once that's done I batch them again to recode to what container I like which is h264 mkv for now.
If you need people to test out the v6 pro beta I'm game but not sure I can afford that upgrade when it goes public. I just downloaded 6 792 and I'll see if it's good as 791c had major issues for me.