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Ghost Errors

Example - Scene list
00:10:00:00 - 00:20:00:00
00:40:00:00 - 00:50:00:00

This would save 10min - 20min and 40min - 50min only, is this correct.

Would 00:30:00:00 have any affect on the output. After all this is not part of the edited scenes above, that i would be saving. How about 00:20:00:08 would this get saved, or even included in the save process.?

I had similar today, it was an error that i cut out, by editing around the error. But said there was errors after the save. But these errors came from outside the saving edited area, infact the edited area had no errors.
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Errors are logged during reading, not writing. You are mostly correct in your assumptions except if the error occurs near a scene boundary. During output, when VRD seeks to the 10:00:00 point it actually seeks about 1-2 seconds before that mark and starts reading looking for I-Frames. If the error occurs in that interval, it will be logged even if it doesn't affect the output.

You should be able to see the location of the errors in the videoredo.log file, especially if diagnostics on the Tools>Options>Stream page is enabled.
Video Information:

Scene List:

Error Ouput:

06/24/06 21:06:38 MPEG Audio Frame Error 1 at: 00:00:17.09
06/24/06 21:06:38 MPEG Audio Frame Error 2 at: 00:00:19.01

Mode: Frame Accurate
-Video output packets: 3936
-Audio output packets: 557
-Padding output packets: 0
Video output frames: 876
Audio output frames: 1461
Processing time (secs): 6
Processed frames/sec: 126.75
Actual Video Bitrate: 1.80 Mbps
- PTS underflows: 2
* Audio frame errors: 2
* Input Sequence Errors: 2
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OK, so the audio errors were right near the beginning / end of the cut points.

Did you see the sequence errors in the log file as well?


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Hi Robbi, Just as I suspected, there's a missing frame in the GOP at 19.10 which is part of the GOP that contains your scene starting at 19.18.
Ah thats ok i'll continue again using b475 thanks Dan for looking at this (edit - it was b468 i forgot about the sys restore i did).

A thunderstorm caused the stream error, when i was out for the day. A Surge protector saved itself and the pc Maybe signal break caused by high current electrical charge in the air.
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Dan this has just happend again.

Log File

2006-08-21 23:48:52 MPEG Audio Frame Error 1 at: 00:51:34.04
2006-08-21 23:48:52 Starting new Frame Accurate Output Segment: start:3109440.022 (00:51:49.11), end:3633640.022 (01:00:33.16)
2006-08-21 23:49:05 Output complete

Project File

<Cut 0>0:156000112:0:3933312 00:00:00;00, 00:00:15;15, 00:00:00;00
<Cut 1>5576000112:7768370112:141602491:200507328 00:09:17;15, 00:12:56;20, 00:09:02;00
<Cut 2>16906800112:19396000112:433227128:505408018 00:28:10;17, 00:32:19;15, 00:24:15;21
<Cut 3>28786000112:30979000112:752596531:813687555 00:47:58;15, 00:51:37;22, 00:39:54;21
<Cut 4>31090800112:31094400112:816363467:816440130 00:51:49;02, 00:51:49;11, 00:40:06;00
<Cut 5>36336400113:36540000112:948732259:954270442 01:00:33;16, 01:00:54;00, 00:48:50;05

The edit which starts at 0:51:37:23 starts on an I frame with original video on the timeline. Using Display on screen information to view each frame in sequence. Before this is dead video - adverts.

I still would like this information to be not output at all. As it means having to check it to find out, it has no relevance at all. Because it has nothing to do with the edit or the edited output video.
Robbi said:
I still would like this information to be not output at all.
As it means having to check it to find out, it has no relevance at all.
Because it has nothing to do with the edit or the edited output video.
I tend to ignore, or check my work some alternate way (not as cleverly as you have).
Have to agree that not outputting an error message would certainly be helpful.
It's just worrysome and confusing to the user.
Any progress for this Dan, i'm still chasing around the .log file and output video. Just to make sure these are ghost errors, not errors in the video.