Full batch multi Tivo => .mp4 with Ad Detect


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Greetings VideoReDo Community:
I'm new to VideoReDo but experienced at computers.
Objective: Convert multiple Tivo files to my Droid using full batch mode.

I want to batch process 5 TiVo files first through Ad detect then
convert from .TiVo to .Mp4 in a single batch file.
I trust Ad detect so I am willing to accept all recommendations for deletion.
I am using TVSuite v4.20.7.629 (just downloaed


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That will require 2 separate batches.
1. First add to batch with VPrj Ad-Detective scan.
2. Add VPrj files to batch for MP4 output.


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Thx!! for response and batch functionality

Greetings PHD,
Thank you for your prompt and definitive response to the question. It is great to see batch functionality.

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