Foreign language forums for VRD


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If we were to create foreign language forums, would anyone be interested in moderating them/it?

People would be able to post in their native languages.

Needless to say one of the requirements would be you speak the language.

What languages should be included?

What languages could you moderate?

Separate forum section for each language.


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Hello Pat,
I am impressed by VideoRedo version 4. So if i can help you for the Netherlands i could. I speak of course Dutch, but also good English and German.


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Thanks. I appreciate it.

Infrequently, I get requests for native language forums.

Mostly for German.

Since I am a native English speaker, I use Google Translate and my limited German knowledge to translate so that wouldn't be much help.

Trying to gauge the interest for this as well as how much experienced users would be able to help novice non-English speakers.


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PhD, do -not- enter into foreign-language(s) forums!

Because even if everybody is not fluent in the language in which the program is written (in this case English), support and bug reports are exactly the same whichever country the program is used.

So it is imperative that there is only -one- source of competence, that centralizes all questions. Germans are very able with English and can easily cope with English-language forums. But all English-speaking VR users do not understand a heck of German so it would be extremely frustrating to imagine that the answer to our question is in the German section and unreadable by others.

You agree with me this is a matter of consideration for the bulk of your customers, that everybody has the same source of information.

That's only my two cents unworth.


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Many Germans are not fluent in English.

They have requested responses in German as well as having a German language forum.

Other users from other countries have requested this.

I rely upon Google to translate but sometimes that is insufficient. (Kept translating "ton" as clay instead of volume.)

I would expect only native language speakers would visit those areas of the forum.

If I don't have people (semi-experienced) who can speak the language to moderate and answer or translate, it would not be much of a success.

Trying to gauge interest and ability to support with this thread.


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Relating to the question if foreign language forums are making sense and would be practicable, I have a little request to all registered forum users:
If not already done, please make up your profile informations regarding your location. In some cases it would help to better catch the concern if one know which is the native language of the requesting user resp. knowing that English is not his/her native language. Sometimes the users bring it up, but not always. Some formulations in the posts sound very strange and not clear for me, even after consulting an online dictionary. I admire the admins in this respect. Additionally sometimes one can realize wether it's a problem depending on specific standards of national broadcasting organisations etc.

Thanks in advance


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Une section en langue française (FRENCH) serait appréciée.
Et bravo pour votre travail
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