Finally got TMPGEnc VMWorks7 to recognize dvd subtitle files... .idx, .sub.


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It will not recognize .idx, .sub files as separate files.
It would only pull them from a dvd folder when imported.
I have a lot of video files with .idx, .sub files as they are recognized by more players that way.

I finally thought of putting all (video and sub files) in a MVK file and it WORKED!
TMPGEnc accepted them as dvd subs. So now I can burn them in...(because my LG-OLED tv will NOT read dvd subs, or CC).
It only reads "timed text" from handbrake.

Don't know what the 4K OLED tv does, but the 1991 4:3 tv shows look MUCH better then on my 4k samsung-2014 monitor!
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