Files not saving


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Father Brown Blu Ray UK version
Copy using MakeMKV
Convert using Handbrake to .MKV
H.265 (x265),m 30 FPS PFR
AC3 Stereo
AC3 Dolby
English (PGS) Subtitle
**Plays just fine locally or through Plex with naming convention Father Brown s03e01.mkv

It has some weird timer countdown at start of season 3 videos and I wanted to cut first minute or so off front.

I open video, set selection end, mark as a cut and go to save video and it starts to calculate save time then gives a yellow !

I can grab a saved Tivo file from across my network of about 2 gig work remotely, cut commercials, save in about 15 sec.

The Father Brown .mkv file is loaded locally and only 600 Mb

I am, able to grab other files from Plex server mkv or mp4 and cut and save them just fine in about 5 seconds. Most of previous mkv were saved with H.264.


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Can you open the file in MediaInfo, switch to text view, then copy and past the info here?

Also which version of VideoReDo are you using?

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