File Test


When the automatic video correction features of VRD work on a file, they do a great job.
When I need to run QSF, I usually find out only after I've edited half the file and can go no further.
Saving the Vprj file with my edits and trying to apply it to a post-QSF'd copy of my video is... well, it's not a lot of fun.

One trick I've adopted lately, (this works especially well with files containing more than one show) is to select an entire show (with commercials) and write it to another drive.
If the file writes okay, I have a 99% likelyhood that it'll edit okay.
...and I get to put a proper name on the file, identifying the exact show it represents.

Feature Request: File Test
I'd like to propose a feature whereby VRD reads through the source file, doing all its tests and maybe even rendering at cuts and GOP changes...
... but writes nothing.

The resultant error report would be used to determine if the file is a candidate for direct editing or in need of QSFing.
I think by not writing, it would run faster , and it wouldn't take up any of my precious disc space.

You could invoke it from the pull-down menu, just like QSF, but I think the better use would be to press a key combo like Ctrl-L, and just process the currently selected file, with edits, as marked.

Anyone else like this test feature?
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