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at first please let me to say I am impressed with the new version of vrd5 and especially with its h264 cutting engine. It work very accurate and fast. Even if you write that it should be slower than in vrd4.

Anyway I would like to notice few things I have find out.

Calculated bitrate in vrd5 is lower than in vrd4, the reason is imho in wrong calculation of bitrate in vrd4
vrd4 - 1kb = 1000 bits vrd4 bitrate.PNG
vrd5 - 1kb = 1024 bits vrd5 bitrate.PNG
So maybe you should fix this for vrd4 users if the development isnt already closed.

Second thing is I have in vrd5 in Info section some strange character as separator for thousands in size.
Look here: vrd5 strange character.PNG

At last Id like to ask you for explanation of QuickSync info window. What exactly means all these lines and what is the best setting in my case?
vrd5 quick.PNG

Is QuickSync used only for encoding the video or also for decoding. So should it also speedup showing of frames in the main window and also help speedup process of saving in elementary stream. Or am I wrong and it speedup only video transcoding? :)

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You are correct that the bitrate was wrong in v4 and was fixed in v5.

We're aware of that unicode display error and I believe it will be fixed in the next release.

Your computer seems to be setup just fine for QuickSync with the Auto setting, so you shouldn't need to adjust anything. To use it you have yo do a force recode, then you have to click the options and set the encoder to QuickSync. In most cases it is faster then CPU encoing but at the very least it'll use less CPU.
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