feature request to retain original audio track names


I frequently edit mkv files that have multiple audio tracks. The source tracks are named, however when I save the new mkv file everything is OK except the original track names are gone in the new file. Is it possible in a future version to retain the track names? Currently I use MKVToolNix GUI to replace the track names. This is an extra step. It would be fantastic if VRD could do this for me.



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We don't currently have a way to pass through those names. Internally audio streams are broken up from the original source because in our pro product we allow mixing of audio streams to create new streams. So this isn't really as easy as it sounds. But I'll put it on the list and look into it when I've got some time.


It would be much appreciated.

The particular .mkv files I process have 2 audio streams. Both are named and I'd like the output file to keep both track names.

You guys are super smart. I'm confident you'll find an elegant solution.
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