Fast encoder initialization error: 269


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I got that error when I try to create a DVD from H.264 MP4 file ( file was originally created by VRD 5 from wmv file after editing). What does the error code mean ? Processing was stopped to error code.


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Same problem here. I just upgraded, and with my very first use of version 5 I got this error. Not a good start.
I don't have a clue what it means and how to fix it.
In my case I wanted to edit the commercials out of a .ts file and save it as .ts again. Nothing fancy.
Weird thing is: When I edit the same file with Video Redo TVsuite verion problem.

Anyone know what the problem in version 5 might be?

P.S. I'm not using the beta release. I'm using version

Edit (again): It seem to be fixed after a reboot of my computer.
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You guys might want to try adding the v5 install folder to the ignore list in your antivirus software. If it's registering a false positive it might block or corrupt some of the DLLs in VideoReDo and cause weird issues like this.
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