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Hi, I'm testing VideoReDo with a TCM movie. I'd like to use it to make tivo shows we've saved usable on plex. I've run Ad-Dectective and did a "save as" to MP4 in a different directory. I'm getting an error message "Problem encountered during output! Graph abort in: Output muxer, error: FFmpeg muxer: error writing packet." and a "!" warning with the same information. I've attached my log file in case it's helpful. TIA, Fred



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Try running the file through QuickStream Fox first. Just save as TS. The. Open that file, ad scan, and save. That will most likely fix the issue.

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Thank you Dan, that worked. The typo ("Fox" vs "Fix") caught me for a couple of seconds. It all seemed to run properly and I got the "all done" sound and the summary box. But when I closed it I got an error message with "Encountered improper parameter". It seems to play ok on plex, but the "Estimated time remaining" box is open and I needed Task Manager to close it. I can live with this, but do you have any further advice?


Fred, which output profile did you use? Did you force a recoding or not? One of the issues with Tivo .ts files is that they often (usually) have errors in them caused by the Tivo to desktop transfer process. In fact, pyTivoDesktop (written by Dan203) even keeps a count of those errors for you. Sometimes, these errors can leave VideoReDo in an unstable state and also cause muxing errors when saving to MP4 or MKV without forcing a recode. Doing a QSF as Dan203 mentioned should solve the problem.

If you still have the source tivo file, open it, in VideoReDo, click on Tools>Show Program Info and using the copy button on that page paste those results here.

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Hi Danr,
I've pasted the file info below.

I've also attached a complete log of processing one file. This was (as were all) first run through QuickStream Fix (a/k/a QSF) and then converted to MP4, by "saving as" using defaults, including intelligent recoding. Should I have done something else?


File: Name : N:\#recycle\My Tivo Recordings\The Ghost and Mrs Muir (Recorded Mar 03, 2020, TCM) (TS) (^626_0).tivo
Size : 2.131 GB
Duration : 02:00:01.12
Mux type : TiVo TS
TS mux rate : 4.227 Mbps
Video: Encoding : MPEG2
VideoStreamID : x853
Frame rate : 29.97 fps
Encoding size : 704 x 480
Aspect ratio : 4:3
Header bit rate : 5.000 Mbps
VBV buffer : 224 KBytes
Profile : Main@Main
Progressive : Prog or Int
Chroma : 4:2:0
Bit rate : 2.088 Mbps
Captioning : EIA 608/708
Field order : Top field first
Audio Stream: 1 (Primary) Codec : AC3
Format : AC3 stream
Channels : 2.0
PID : x854
PES Stream Id : xBD
Bit rate : 192 Kbps
Sampling rate : 48000
Sample size : 16 bits


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