Encoding audio track with mp3 codec not possible?


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I loaded a *.mp4 video (with AVC H.264 and AAC audio), then cut some parts and wanted to save the remaining video
as *.mp4 file (with AVC/H.264 and MP3 audio codec).

So video codec should be kept while the audio part should be re-encoded.

When I opened the "Edit Output profile" and opened the drop-down in the audio section then there are the following entries available:

- MPEG Layer-2

...but there is no MP3 entry.

So there is really no MP3 codec for the audio part ????

Or do I have to enabel this somehow?



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Pretty sure, no mp3.

Of what is listed, AAC is the way to go.

Unless special need for one of the others.

If you really want other audio types then "Audacity" can convert to many for you.


VRD can extract and replace audio streams.

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The patents for MP3 have recently expired so we'll likely include MP3 in the next major version. The same is true of AC3, so that'll likely be included in the next major version as well.
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