Editting .ts file will be standard saved as .m2ts. How to change that?


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I edit a lot of .ts files, and with older versions of VideoRedo TVSuite, they would standard be saved als .ts file again.
With version 5 it will be saved in .m2ts instead of .ts. Ofcourse I can select .ts, but it gets quite annoying when you have to do that with every single file you edit.

Is there a simple way to tell VideoRedo TVSuite to standard save a file in the format that it already was while loading? So .ts will be saved as .ts,


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Tools>Options>General parameters>Default save profile>
"Match source format"
"Last used Profile"
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Internally we determine a file to be M2TS if it's got a 192 byte header and TS if it's got a 188 byte header. We don't use the file extension. So if you use "Match source format" that's the criteria used to determine the format.
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YEY! It worked.
It was allready on "Match source format" but that didn't do it for me. I've changed it to "Last used Profile" and that was the solution.
Thanks, JMC (and Dan203) for the help!(y)


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Enigma 2 Sat-Receiver (Dreambox, VU+ ...) use the .ts format.
Fast forward and rewind is not possible with .m2ts files.
Reconstruction of .ap and .sc files also isn't possible.
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