Editing TS file from BBC4 HD Freeview Freezes

I have just recently changed TV cards from Nebula DigiTV (Freeview) to TBS6281 (Freeview HD) using Media Portal and have recorded and then edited with VRD H.264 successfully. Now I have tried with a program recorded from BBC4 HD which plays perfectly in VRD and lets me edit but freezes when I select Save As. I have tried Quick Stream Fix but it fails at the same place. I am saving as TS H.264 which is what I want i.e. the same as is captured. I have tried in two different PCs, a Quad2Core 4GB Win7 and a i7 16GB Win8.1 and both are exactly the same.

Previously, I've recorded only from BBC1 HD and 2 HD, both with no issues but I was using version 680 last week and now have upgraded to 681, this problem has occurred. I hadn't re-installed 680 to try it but will if you think that could be the issue.


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Check the program info (Ctrl+L) does it list multiple audio streams? If so make sure the one you want is selected as primary then when saving click the options button and uncheck the "Allow multiple audio streams" option. A lot of times this is caused by a secondary audio stream ending suddenly in the middle of the file. Usually this stream is blank or a descriptive audio stream so it's no big deal to just eliminate it.
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