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Russell C

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I am evaluating VideoReDo atm, and I have made my selections of start and end points, and used the Ad Detective to identify commercial breaks. I cannot find how to delete the commercial breaks before saving the file.
The file is mpeg2 and I want to save to mpeg2; I record programs from TV and want to top and tail, and edit commercials prior to conversion to DVD, or conversion to more compact formats, with other applications.
Sorry if this is a dumb question but I cannot find the answer in the help or FAQ. Be nice, I'm new.:confused:


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You use the start and end points to mark the start and end of the portion of the program you want to cut out and then you click "cut selection". Repeat for all the cuts you want to make, including the start and end of the file, and then simply save or create a DVD.

Russell C

New member
Hi Dan,
Thanks, I thought I was probably missing something and I was.
Very much appreciate your help, I like this app!
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