Editing Exisiting (cut) Selection


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When I want to edit the start or end points of an existing cut selection, because they're not in quite the right places, I can edit the end point fine. I select the selection by double-clicking on it, little black brackets appear at the start and end points of the red section on the timeline, I move the cursor to where I want the end point to be, press F4 (or click Mark Out), the "Overlapping Cut" window appears, I just have to click "Replace" and the selection region changes.

When I try to do the same thing to the start point, however, it doesn't. If I move the cursor to where the new start point should be and press F3 (or click Mark In) the black bracket moves but the red selection region does not. The only way I've found to do this is to go to the Cut List, select this selection, delete it by selecting "cut selection", and THEN the "Overlapping Cut" window appears, and I can click on "Replace" and the selection begin end point (of the red section on the timeline) moves.

I am running VRD Plus 401, but this has been happening (and bugging me) for some time. Am I missing something? Is there an easier way to move the start point of a cut selection?


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After you move the start selection marker, click on the "Cut Sel." button in the bottom center of the screen ("Delete" key will do the same thing). This will bring up the Overlapping Cut dialog.

FYI, You can eliminate the Overlapping Cut dialog by checking the "Auto-Replace" option on the tools>Options>General screen.


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OK, that works, and it is easier. And I also noticed that, after selecting the new start point with F3, that moving to the end point and clicking F4 moves both points.

But I still wonder why it works differently to move the start of a selection than it does to move the end?


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You have "Enable One-Click Selection" enabled in your options which will autocut when you mark the end of a selection, not the beginning.
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