Editing a Bunch of VOB Files but When Playing, They Get Stuck and Play Really Fast.


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Using the "combine" feature in VideoReDo: This method works very well and is the preferred technique for non-copy protected DVD files. To combine the multiple VOB files into one file for editing:
a) Copy the desired VOB files from the DVD to your hard drive.
b) In VideoReDo click on File>Open (or the Open button).
c) Highlight all the VOB files starting with VTS_xx_01.VOB. Where xx is a number such as 01 to 09. Do not include VIDEO_TS.VOB or VTS_xx_00.VOB if present.
d) Click on the Open button. If you are prompted to "Combine" or "Join", select the "Combine" option.
VideoReDo will open each the VOB files and logically combine them into one large virtual VOB file.
FOr further details, please refer to the How To Guide:

I've followed the process above to put a bunch of VOB files into Video Redo so that I can edit them. What's happening is; when I play the VOB files from the beginning, the video plays as normal for a while and then all of a sudden the video gets stuck and replays certain passages really fast as though they had been fast forwarded but come back to the same part and replay it really fast again over and over. After a while, it will stop and carry on playing the VOB files again and then it will get to another passage and do the same again. Is this quite normal or do I need to do something first to prevent this from happening?

I've downloaded the PDF about combining VOB files and one line there says, "if you have any issues navigating or playing back the file, process the VLST files through QuickStream Fix first, then load the fixed file for editing. Do I need to go through this process and can somebody tell me how I do this with step-by-step instructions please?




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The easiest method to accomplish this is to use "open title from a DVD" and use the auto QuickStream Fix option
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