Dynamic audio compression


Hi Dan. First impressions: this is looking really good! Just a couple of points.

1. Is there any way to control the degree of compression? Running flat out doesn't suit every case.

2. The only way I can get this to work is as follows:
Load a video. If AAC then convert to MPEG audio. Go File->Save Video As. Choose a profile. Set Profile Options to Encoding:AAC and Compression:Auto. Hit Save.

3. For every File->Save Video As, I have to re-enter the Compression-Automatic setting in Profile Options, and it only endures until the encode has been executed.
I can't find any way to make the compression setting stick in the output profile, regardless of how I create the profile.

4. I've been struggling with profile settings to persuade the compression to be enabled. For example, it works OK if going from AC-3 to AAC, but not from AAC to MPEG even though a re-code *is* being forced.

5. Given the complexity of point 4, and the fact that a re-code does not necessarily do what the profile specifies, it would be useful if a warning could be popped up, please.



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Hi Toby,

1. No, But maybe there is something we could do. (see below).

2 & 3. You should be able persist the settings in a new profile, but it didn't work for me either. Will fix it for the next beta.

4. It should work, can you replicate and email the log file to me at support?

If you contact me via support, I can send you a temporary license to VideoReDo Pro and then you can send me audio level plots of before and after so I can see what you're asking for. Here's an example:



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