DVD feature outputs the red stuff!

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No matter what I do, the DVD exporter seems to always be exporting the parts of recordings that I flag for discarding - either by working in Cut Mode and Cutting the parts I don't want, or in Scene Mode and Scening the parts I do. The end result is that I get an export of all the parts flagged as red on the timeline!

I'm trying to do a DVD with 2 shows on. I can export out each show individually to MPG in the regular way I was doing with ReDo Plus, no problems (i.e. it "exports the green").

Every time I select a Title on the "DVD title list editing" window (DVD menu, "edit list of dvd titles") and choose the "edit this project" button, it loads the project up with the scenes/cuts inverted (red becomes green, green becomes red). I'm guessing this is part of the problem.

The disc-fullness bar on the "Create DVD" window displays a large amount of green, indicating that it believes it's going to export a fairly big amount of video. The resultant DVD (or ISO, or dvd-to-folders) is however only a couple of hundred mb of all my "discarded" video.

It looks like I can make it work correctly by loading each .Vprj project file in turn and using the "Add currenct project to DVD title list" menu option (and then only hitting OK on the Title List Editing window), then using the "Create DVD from title list ..." option directly from the DVD menu. (I say "looks like", because it's currently in the middle of the encoding which looks like it's taking the right amount of time, this time!)

In case it makes any difference, my source files are Topfield .Rec files (from my TF5800PVR).

(edited: that last thing I tried worked fine - avoiding using the "dvd title list editing" window. Also updated that paragraph to use proper names of menu items)
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The "edit this project" button is sometimes inverting cuts (i.e. red>green, green>red). We have seen this issue from time to time, but haven't been able to track it down yet.
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