DVD Copy program for Home recorded DVDs


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Hello, I'm new to all this and I was wondering if you could help me by telling me how to burn to a dvd?


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This thread is for importing content from a DVD.

We are developing a DVD authoring module for VideoReDo.

You can find additional informationa bout DVD authoring here:

Also check some of the other threads on the forum. Depending on your capture device and preferred workflow, you'll find a lot of it codified already using a variety of applications.


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Seems like a great addition to using the program. However can it be made to work if VRD is installed in a user selected directory/folder? I am sure some users like me, like to chose a specific folder to install programs rather than the default "Program Files" option.
Cheers. LPS-Au.

Here is a little program I wrote to make my life a little more convenient.

Hope some of you find it useful.

You do not need .NET or any DLLs.

You need VideoReDo installed in the default install location for QSF script to run.
C:\Program Files\VideoReDoPlus


That may not be true any longer.
I -never- install anything on C: drive,
...more like: F:\Programs\VideoReDo
and when I recently tried Phd's program, it QSF'd my files just fine.
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If you check the history in the thread, a later version checks for the location of VRD and will handle everything automagically now.

No need for the default location anymore.
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