DVD Copy program for Home recorded DVDs


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@ TF5000UserDE
Thanks for the info.

Where do you have VideoReDo Plus installed? List the complete path. What OS and SP are you using?

What path do you have VRD Plus installed?
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New version uploaded to the FTP 1.0.25

This version checks for the location of VideoReDo in the registry and will hopefully solve the issue.

Give it a try and see how it works.

An INI file is no longer created since it will check directly for a location
Pat it was 1 i tried with and without the .ini file. And run from various locations even across networks. All was as the previous error.

vrd is installed in c:\program files\VideoReDoPlus < with the current beta version on the end.



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Give 1.0.25 a try and see if it works.

@ TF5000UserDE
Thanks. The path is not unusual that it should fail but glad the fix I implemented works
*Pat v1.0.25 works*

It wouldn't do it at first, then i realised i had a wrong type of dvd in. I had an already decrypted disk copy from my collection.

Put in a pure bred home made tv recordings dvd disk, and started to work, now doing the qsf part.
Pat some suggestions.

- Remember the gui last window position.

- Remember last directories used including last dvd drive used. Or if possible vrd favourite places would be very nice.

- With copy + qsf an extra requester where to output the final qsf .mpg file too. Instead of using the same location for both copying and qsf, when copying from dvd. Maybe a radio button next to destination input, and for it to remember for next time. Or could be a popup requester may be better.

- Thank you for the copy progress bar. can this popup be made to remember its possition. For each vob copy, it keeps moving back to last position, or is this an xp bug.


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Currently the program is a standalone application with nothing written to the hard drive except the files that you see.

I'll see if that can be done somehow.

There was an earlier request for selecting QSF file destination location. I had wanted just a simple copy and QSF application but I'll see about including that as an alternative.

What I thought about adding was an option for this complete sequence:

Copy VOBs/VRO to hard drive
Create VLST file
Ad-Detective scan
Output edited file

Who would find this useful?
Yes this would be very useful for all that have dvd pvr recorders. I can see an immediate benefit. Would your plas have gui switches for turning of ad-detective and others as needed. Switch for Ad-Detective to autocut or not to autocut, just produce a project file for later.

Would it allow for batching, for those that have copy files but choose to do other things later. These little extras i can see other people needing. how simple application do you say you wanted, this application to be. ;)
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how simple application do you say you wanted, this application to be. ;)
Basically it does everything I wanted or needed it to do right now.

I also tried to consider the needs of novices since it only allows the selection of video files from home-recorded DVDs as well as one button to push for processing depending on what you want to accomplish.

I may keep this as a simple version for ease of use and add the other features as a separate, more advanced version.

Batching could be an issue since the source can be the DVD drive which would involve switching disks when copying is finished.

For batching, currently you could simply use the "Copy Files" button in my program and after you finish copying all of your files, simply batch the VLST files directly in VRD for Ad-Detective scan to a VPrj file.
Re: Batching - Exactly copy the files first, then could be run in the same way. You would for vrd for batch qsf using DVD Copy, i'm thinking of beginners here also.
Pat for the updated version with advanced options, or advanced version. Could we have intregration with dvd decryptor and ripit4me. Ripit4me i have yet still to try, i think it's a front end for dvd decryptor. But knows a whole lot more new things that is needed.

DVD Copy could be a front end all in one operation dvd to hd + qsf.
I've been lurking for a while but this is my first post here so patience is in order.... :)

I have a really basic question. How do I get this utility to load multiple VOBs? I have a home DVD in the drive and I click on "Open DVD". I can navigate to the VIDEO_TS folder and select one VOB but I can't select multiple VOBs. If I understand this utulity properly I should be able to select multiple VOBs, click "Copy+QSF" and then end up with one MPG.

I have VRD installed and am using XP Pro.

What am I doing wrong? :confused:


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It will only list the first VOB in the video sequence in the file open dialog box for simplicity of use. When you click open, you will see them listed in the box on the main screen.

Take a look at the picture. "DVD copy.png" That is what your window should look like once you have3 loaded the DVD.

I choose the first VOB but after pressing open I only get one VOB in the list. After Christmas I'll try another DVD, maybe something strange with the source I used.

Thanks for the help and Merry Christmas.



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Is this a commercial or home-recorded DVD?

Can you list the file names in the VIDEO_TS folder and let me know which file you are selecting?

Is there only 1 VOB with the sequence number you are choosing?
VTS_01_1.VOB and no VTS_01_2.VOB or
VTS_02_1.VOB and no VTS_02_2.VOB