DV Camcorder to mpeg?


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Hi all,

My wife just got me a new camcorder, a Canon Optura 60. This is my first time ever using a DV camcorder. In the past I've connected my old analog camcorder into my Hauppauge card and used either Sage Recorder or WinTV to record the video to mpeg. Then, of course, I'd edit it in VideoRedo and be on my way. :)

However, this new Canon has USB/Firewire ports where I can plug the camera direct into the PC via that method. Slick. My problem is that the camcorder didn't come with any software to transfer the video from the camcorder to the PC.

I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation on some software I could use to get the video from the camcorder to an mpeg file? I can always connect the camcorder to the PC like I did with my old analog camcorder via A/V out on the camera into the Hauppauge A/V in, but I figured since I could do USB/Firewire that I should at least give this a try.

Thanks for any advice.

gprichardson, from my experience firewire is a DV port. Is the camcorder a MiniDV machine which I suspect it is? If this is the case then it doesn't write Mpeg2 files but DV (avi). You can use Adobe Premiere Pro, Pinnacle Liquid Edition or any other DV Editing Suite. These normally allow total control of the camcorder by software and can save back to the MiniDV tape after editing with no loss of quality. You can then import the assets to Encore for authoring.
I know there's also Pinnacle Studio and Ulead products which are a lot less featured software packages which maybe edit in mpeg, I've never used them so can't help you on that score.
DV is purpose built for film making and easy to edit using transistions and special effects etc.

I hope this has been of some help.


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What you want to do is simply transfer the DV avi from your camera via the firewire onto your hard drive. To do this I recommend WinDV, which is freeware. Be sure to choose DV Type 2.

The reason I recommend WinDV, especially to someone new to this stuff, is that it is simple and you can not accidentally re-encode the DV avi to something else. Encoding on the fly is very CPU intensive and will result in lots of dropped frames. So, all you want to do is transfer, not encode, the DV avi to your HDD.

Once it is on your HDD then you should do your cutting/trimming, transitions, while it is still DV avi. I personally like Ulead Video Studio 8 for this. You can edit, author and burn. It is during the authoring that the DV avi is converted (encoded to mpeg2 and put into the proper format for DVD). You can also use VS8 to transfer the DV avi from your camera to your HDD but you need to make sure it is set correctly otherwise it will encode it on the fly.

Do not be afraid of the large files that DV generates, it should be around 12GB per hour of video. They are large compared to what you are used to but they are realatively easy for your system to handle.


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Hey Anole,

FYI. There is one big caveat with WinAVI capture. It is free to download and use. However, there is a big watermark that is placed in the center of the video so the free is for trial only. ($30 to purchase)

Does not seem to retain all settings between restarts of the program.

Setting for aspect ratio does not import into VRD. 352X480 videos are elongated and you have to reset header aspect ratio with VRD.

Maybe it works better with DV camcorders. I experimented with analog captures using AIWR 9000 Pro.


Thanks for the info.
The friend who got it several months ago didn't report any watermarks.
Wonder if that is something they've recently added?
He gave it a glowing report and I thought he made DVDs from it.
I'll check with him - he's another VRD owner.. :)


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transfering DV tape into the computer

The water mark issure might be something new they added. I think I have an older copy of this program which didn't have this issue before.

I just downloaded the New version 2.0

In the zip folder you down loaded.. there should be a text file that has the key included with the program.

Since Of course my setup is different then yours, I am not sure if this will clear up your watermark issue but I don't have that issue with it either with the old version or the new version.

I think after you setup the program and add the key it will remember the settings also.

and By the way... Long Live VideoReDo... The best money I ever spent.. The support you recieve for the money you spent was well worth the cost of the program itself.

Not only did I buy a copy but I force the rest of my friends to buy one LOL

and I better shut up before they raise the price LOL.


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Don't I feel pretty silly. That key cleared up the watermarks.

It still doesn't retain the setting. Keeps defaulting back to Guam with no video standard. Clicking apply autoresets it. Also the capture still doen't have audio nor the aspect ratio in the capture. I'll have to play with it a little more.
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