Duplicate thumbnail images ?


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I converted an FLV file to a DVD compliant file using another program & this seems to play just fine if I burn a DVD-R. However I want to do some editing with VRDTS. When I look at the content, every fifth frame has a “P” suffix label in the thumbnail frame number. (Not to be confused with the P used in the GOP)

24:02, 24:03P, 24:04, 24:05, 24:06, 24:07, 24:08P, 24:09

If I’m viewing frame 24:02 and advance the thumbnail by 1 frame, the next thumbnail frame that has the green rectangle on it is 24:05. But the frame content (thumbnail & main image) is 24:04. And the frame number indicated below the green status bar is 24:04.

Advancing 1 more frame, the green rectangle stays on 24:05 but the frame number below the green status bar now changes to 24:05. It’s as if 24:03P is never used, and the thumbnail frame is green & indicates 24:05 twice, even though the first instance in really 24:04.

As I advance 1 frame at a time everything looks proper in the main image. There is no big jump in the picture action.

I can click on the thumbnail for 24:04 and it still displays the content of 24:04. However the green rectangle stays on thumbnail 24:05. In order to get the green rectangle on thumbnail 24:05 and view it as the main image I have to scroll backwards into it.

I can never get the green rectangle on 24:03P or 24:04, and these both look identical.

What is the significance of these “P” frames & where did they come from?


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The P indicates a repeat frame. In MPEG-2 you can flag a frame to display for more then one clock tick if there isn't enough movement to require an actual frame. VideoReDo displays these as extra frames in the thumbnail window to make the count continuous and limit confusion, but they don't really exists in the file so they can't actually be selected.

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