Doesn't PyTivo work with VRD to Allow it to Open Files?


I just tried opening a .tivo file that I downloaded and VRD says I need to use Tivo Desktop. Why is pyTivo not working with VRD to open .tivo files? The screen capture shows that I have pyTivo running and it is connected to my Tivo and displaying recorded media validating that my MAK is correct. I verified that running Tivo Desktop DOES allow VRD to successfully open .tivo files. I know that pyTivo is your software so why doesn't it play nice with VRD?
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When you install pyTivo it asks about installing the DirectShow filter. Did you check that option? If not reinstall and make sure that option is checked.


Don't remember if I inadvertently unchecked the box, but did an uninstall and re-install making sure the box was checked, and now it works just fine without Tivo Desktop. Thank you.
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