Does VRD purchased in 2006 qualify for TVSuite upgrade?


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I have the order number, RegSoft invoice number and long key. Just wanted to check if that will qualify for a TVSuite 'upgrade from VRD'. Assuming it does...

I haven't got VRD installed as I haven't used it for years. Would I need to install VRD and then upgrade to TVS or will I be able to just install TVS and tell it about my old VRD key?


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To answer my own question, in case it helps anyone else...

Even very old VideoReDo purchases may well quality for an upgrade (mine did).

Simply install the latest TVSuite and visit Help/Enter Software Key.
Then select Upgrade from a previous version.
Then enter your registered name and VRD key and it will tell you if you qualify.
If so, there is a handy link to purchase an upgrade from the website.
Do that, enter the upgrade key and you are good to go.
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