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When I logged in, the Display Options at the bottom of the screen were set to show only the last month of threads. This gave me 7 threads & 2 stickies. I changed it to display more, but it keeps reverting back to one month. The beta and h.264 sub-forums were & still are set to display from the beginning. How do I get the Display Options setting to stay?


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I just looked at the "VideoReDo Plus V3 - Beta Versions" forum and it displays only the 5 Stickies. I cannot permanently change its Display Options either. It is also stuck on Last Month.

What am I doing wrong?


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At the top of this page is a link that says User CP click it, then click the link that says Edit Options. In there you can change the default thread age shown to you.



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I previously looked there but only experimented with the “Thread Display Mode”. I don’t know how I overlooked “Default Thread Age Cut Off”.

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