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Hi guys, i just had a call from my friend who i just bought a TM700 camera for to shoot his car videos with, and this is the friend who i will be buying a VRD license for shortly to do his editing and encoding with.

This guy cannot disable his onboard audio from this camera, so when he shoots his car videos (1080/50p mts) there is an unwanted audio track in the video that he can currently remove from the video using his current software, but that software has no smart rendering so his video requires re-encoding every time he does anything to the file.

He then imports the video without audio into another program where he adds music tracks to the finished output, again this is re-encoded completely.

The main reason for moving him to VRD is to allow him to do his editing and adding titles, then smart render back to 1080/50p m2ts, before he takes the file to his other software to add the music tracks, and because VRD has no ability to do this, he has no option than to use something else, but at least by using VRD he will only need to do 1 full re-encode on his finished video.

Question: is there a way to remove the Audio track from his video prior to editing and smart rendering.

The only other way for him to disable his camera Audio is to buy an external mic like my Rode so when it is plugged into the Audio jack, it disables the 5.1 onboard audio, and he can then leave the mic switch turned off so no audio is recorded.



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Why not import the file into VRD, edit, then output as elementary streams?
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