difference between saving as .ts or .mpg ?


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I am trying to understand if there is any advantage or disadvantage to either format when saving my VideoReDo processed files?

I use VideoReDo to remove advertisements from captured TV .tp files.
I then will either;
- Use the saved file to make a DVD (possibly combined with other files for shorter 1/2 hour or 1 hour programs)
- Use the saved file to make a divx avi
- Use the saved file to make both a DVD and a divx avi.

I have been trying to find the answer to this question on this and other forums, without success.


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The advantage of MPG files is they are smaller on your hard drive.

They don't contain the filling that is added for TS.


I'm note sure about .tp files but .ts files include subtitles (if broadcast and recorded originally) so that would be the main advantage of saving as .ts - .mpg has the advantage of being smaller (because no subs and other stuff), readable by more software and easier to use to convert to other formats.

It boils down to whether or not you want subtitles (and other audio streams, although I understand that VRD will only save one when editing) so I'm guessing that .mpg will be best for you as you can use that directly to make DVDs or convert to other formats.


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Thanks again.
I have made the change to .mpg and as yet have found no disadvantages.
Sub titles I am not concerned with.


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I asked myself the same question a few years ago when I first started using VRD. In my case, I record almost exclusively HD, and only occasionally burn something to DVD. That may differ a lot from other users.

At that time, I found that HD .ts files were handled by more media players than .mpg, so I went with .ts. However, there are a lot more media players now than then, so that balance may have changed. I haven't checked into it recently, though I do believe I still have at least one media player that does .ts and not .mpg.

I've never been overly concerned with it though, because VRD can always convert one to the other, losslessly, AFAIK.

- Mark
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