Delay using VRD Pro with W10 Fall Creators Update

I decided to pull the trigger & do a clean install of W10 Fall Creators Update.

After installing VRD Pro, I've been noticing a difference after updating to the Fall Creators Update.

Usually my routine is as follows:

1) Edit out Commercials & save file as same format as original
2) Use batch feature to convert to H264 WTV or H264 MP4 at 50% compression

1) After editing out commercials & saving in the same native format, there seems to be a 20 - 30 second delay before it actually starts saving
2) Usually if I save a file in the same format, it usually takes about 20-30 seconds to complete, but for some reason I'm now seeing some files take almost 10 minutes to save
3) When I use the batch feature, the time to convert seems to run slower, or about the same time it took when I used regular VRD TV 5. When I was testing the pro version, I noticed there was a difference in saving between the two versions.

I saw this thread which mentioned the same problem, but it looks like it was for the regular version of VRD.

Any suggestions on what to try, besides going back to the previous version of W10 ?


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Acutally it looks like DanR only put out a consumer beta with that fix. Not a Pro beta. I'll alert him to this thread.