Default H264 preset


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There are really only 3 settings. That list came from x264 but the MainConcept encoder we actually use only has 3 settings. So basically the options in that list are divided into 3. The top 3 = fastest, the middle 3 = balanced, and the bottom 3 equal slowest. The very bottom one "placebo" does nothing.


Didn't you change them to do something different?

If not IMHO it should be made clear in the GUI that there are actually on 3 different settings. Otherwise people could potentially waste time testing the 10 settings when there are actually only 3. If I'd spent hours testing those settings and then found out most of them did the same thing I'd be pretty annoyed. Do you see what I mean.

Out of interest are there any other settings to be aware of that don't change anything when you edit them?
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