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Date format in Log File


New member
I like the easy way to access the log file in the latest beta. Just noticed a very minor problem, it's always been there, in that the date does not use the setting from the machine, but assumes US format of mm/dd/yy. Us people across the pond much prefer dd/mm/yy!



Staff member
Our guidelines are that numbers, dates and times when intended to be used by the end-user be regionalized. However, the log file is intended for support purposes and having different date formats would cause confusion here at VideoReDo. The ISO format is a good idea, and unless there are objections one we will implement.


After reading the above, I've given the matter a bit of thought.
I'd have to say it makes a good deal of sense to use the ISO 8601 date format in the log, instead of any regionalized (or American standard) format.

It sould be a fairly minor change, and I hope it doesn't domino into any fresh problems :)
Just another bit of polish to an already fine program.