Cuts return after handbrake encode???


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Ok so this is really strange. I have my tv recordings edited automatically with comskip/mcebuddy. I use videoredo to get anything it misses, usually a piece and the beginning and end. I then process the file (.TS) through the Videoredo
batch manager to produce a new .TS. Just a remux no conversion takes place.

I then run the file through handbrake to deinterlace and shrink the size some.

With two files I am seeing that the one that came out of handbrake is longer and has the opening scene that I cut off with videoredo.

So when I play the .TS that videoredo spit out it starts at the beginning of the show as I want, when I play the file that handbrake gives me (the source being the .TS from videoredo) it has the closing credits from the previous show which I
had cut off???

How can this be? I thought that data was gone, is it somehow still there and handbrake is finding it, am I doing my cuts wrong so the data is somehow hidden, that doesn't make sense because they always shrink in size.

Can someone help my sanity here and give me a clue to whats happening. In the image below the left is the source.


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It is gone. Are you 100% sure you're feeding the trimmed file into HB?


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Yeah its weird I even checked and tried a different file. I will test again.

Haha I might have fooled myself. The file was duplicated in a different folder with the same name, but one was edited and the other was not, I think you are right, disregard, sorry.


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FYI, I just now posted this question/thread, which may or may not be related to this one. If the file is whole and VRD is showing several seconds into the file as if it is the start, I suppose that cutting with VRD out of phase with the file could possibly produce the original behavior described by the OP here? But I don't know because in my case, I had not gone this far ... I tripped over my problem upon opening an already cut file in VRD.
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