Cut and save of BeyondTV MPG file not quite working in v5.


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Just installed the beta this morning and I was just trying it out on a 1 hour, 2GB, MPG file I recorded in BeyondTV. The ad-detective scan worked and editing went well but when I tried to save the file I found that it never made progress or that progress was glacially slow.

It initially estimated about 30 minutes to cut, which is way longer than v3 took to cut the same kind of file. I let it run for about 5 or 6 minutes and it never got past "cut 1 of 5" and the progress bar never moved. The estimated time bounced around 30 minutes the entire time. I recorded 2 minutes of what the status dialog looked like if you are interested. It did seem like the estimated time was very slowly going down as it bounced all over the place. After at least 5 or 6 minutes of letting it run then aborting the save I have a 9.6MB output file.

I then loaded up the same file in v3, set the same cut points and saved it. It initially estimated 2:30 for the save but that rapidly dropped down and I think the save actually took about 1 minute.

The source file originally had some encoding errors resulting in Windows thinking it was a 51 minutes file rather than the 59:55 it really is. Yesterday I ran Quickstream Fix on it in v3 so presumably it corrected any errors in the file.

What do you need from me? I have the video of the status window, I have a 2GB source file, I have the vprj file from both v5 and v3 and I have the output files from both v5 and v3 and of course I have the VRD log file. VRD v5 is trial licensed for me at the moment.


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My second attempt at editing was more successful.

I edited and saved a ts file recorded in BeyondTV and it worked perfectly. Using a hex editor I can see the BeyondTV metadata in the file as well but I have not put it back on my home theater system to verify that BeyondTV can read the metadata.

Then I quickstream fixed an MPG file just to see if it worked and it did. Then I edited that MPG file and saved it and it worked fine. Both appear to have the BeyondTV metadata intact.

Maybe that first attempt at the MPG file was a fluke. I have not tried editing that specific file again because I've run out of time for my lunch break. Tomorrow I'll give it another shot at the file the caused the problem yesterday.


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Just to follow up. The new files I cut worked just fine in BTV, metadata and everything.

I found that the original file also worked. It was only 9.6MB and only has 18 seconds of video but it will play. It seems that VRD was either cutting the file VERY slowly or copied the first 18 seconds quickly and then stalled.


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Interesting on that first file. Do you want us to pursue it or should we wait for you to do more testing?

One big difference between V3 and V4 / V5, is that V4/V5 supports multiple streams on output. You can turn that off by de-selecting the multi-audio option in the output profile / file save option. GIve that a try with the offending file, perhaps there's an audio stream that goes missing after 18 seconds. First thing to check is to open the source file and click on Tools>Show Program info and see if there are multiple streams.


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Only one audio stream.

I've processed that same file a couple more times and it works now. I'm happy to provide you with more info if it's something you want to pursue but I'm not worried about it at the moment. Then again, there's no such thing as an intermittent bug, only intermittent symptoms.
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