CRF vs VBR&Dual Pass


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Been reading too many articles.
Seems like CRF is felt to be better for quality then VBR/dual pass.

CRF changes bitrate to match what is happening in the frame.

Well, that is exactly what I thought VBR did!...changing the bitrate to match what is happening in the video.


EDIT----Also found this...

CRF and 2-pass use identical bit allocation algorithms.
All 2-pass does is pick the CRF value that gives the filesize you want.
It's still using the CRF algorithm.
If this is correct (that VBR uses CRF) then I'll stay with my current "VBR/DualPass @1.3Mbps" system
I want my dvd.mpg files to be 25 to 33% of their previous size after X264.

All the info I find seems to be about ffmpeg which is what I believe VRD uses.

Thoughts very welcome!
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