CRF...1pass ok, 2 pass -nope


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(W7/64) Was testing what CRF seems to do on my 6/6 core and Single Pass works.
With double pass, output window disappears when the 2pass starts.

VRD does not crash.
Have not tried double pass on my 16 core yet.-(Think all the other CRF testing I did was Single Pass.)

Tried to test with Standard VRD ... but no CRF setting. So posted here.

-----------------------------------------On my 6/6 core
Was puzzled on the stunning low bitrates with CRF but found that it adds on to my normal 1.3Mbps setting.
So my 1.3Mbps plus the CRF effect.

With a Default H264+My1.3MbpsSetting+X264+Forced+CRF Setting...

30secHD21Mbps.ts (83MB) file to .MP4

-30HD-1.3Mbps+CRF20-145fps - 1.92Mbps Size 9.5MB
-30HD-1.3Mbps+CRF24-145fps - 1.15Mbps Size 6.5MB -My normal 1.3Mbps size is 6.9MB
-30HD-1.3Mbps+CRF26,145fps - (.89Mbps) Size 5.5MB
-30HD-1.3Mbps+CRF32-181fps - (.4Mbps) -Size 3.7MB

Just CRF setting...-------------------Size---Input Bitrate setting here is the "force Recode" default.
-30HD-CRF24Default ------------- 72MB
-30HD-CRF26 -19fps -14Mbps - 54MB
-30HD-CRF28 -20fps -10Mbps - 42MB
-30HD-CRF32 -22fps - 6Mbps -- 25MB

CRF can not get below 6Mbps without other bitrate restrictions.
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