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FYI.. When joining two clips, the joiner would stop after processing the first clip and just keep incrementing the remaining time. I had to constantly end task on VRD... I ended up downgrading to a version I downloaded in January and it worked again.


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can you point me at that thread? i'm having trouble finding it, and i'm running into similar issues.

i have videos that are QSFixed, but joining them and writing a new file always seems to hit a point of no/slow return... claiming to need 1+ days to finish.


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This thread is about 2 years old now. It would be difficult to track down at this point given the timeframe.

What version number of VideoReDo are you using? Click on the menu: Help>About

What is the source of your video files? What capture device do you use?

What are the file properties? Load a files into VideoReDo and press Ctrl+L

Do they have the same properties?
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