Create DVD issues


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I just upgraded to V6 yesterday from V5 and am having a couple issues with Create DVD. First, when I launch it after adding titles, the text for the title in the menu defaults to the time of the video (e.g. "00:00:00.00 - 00:24:01.24") instead of the filename. I looked in the options and did not see a place to change this and I don't remember having to deal with this on V5, but I set that up long ago.

Second, Create DVD crashes if I have more than one title. It gets to the second pass of encoding of the last title (I believe) and then just stops with the attached error. I went into settings and changed the Temp File area from automatic to a fixed location (V5 has worked fine with auto), and it still didn't make a difference. Attached is an excerpt of the log file.



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We are working on tracking down a couple DVD issues right now. Hopefully will get them fixed for Build 807.
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