Crashes when run via Remote Desktop


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I have an HTPC that's powerful enough to capture and play video, but it's not the fastest machine I have. I would like to be able to build a VRD project from the couch using the HTPC, then use Windows Remote Desktop to remotely log into a faster machine, kick off the VRD project, and let it crunch while I continue to sit on the couch.

Unfortunately, VRD crashes on launch when run via Remote Desktop, probably because of the goofy video config in such a scenario. Thus I have to leave the couch and log in at the console of the remote machine to do the job, which reduces the time saved.

Can someone suggest a VRD workaround (cmd line switch to inhibit video output, batch mode processing, etc.) to allow me to accomplish what I'm trying to do?



I don't know if this is relevant but I'm the author of TVAP (link in signature), a C# .NET program which runs VRD via VBScript Files and its COM interface. When I ran TVAP using remote desktop I had a problem that the VRD processes would hang (I think it was that rather than crash -- it's been a while). The solution in my case was to configure the remote desktop connection to NOT send audio to the remote client.


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Thanks for the tips. Turning off audio during the RD session causes VRD to abort at startup with a "Can't open DirectSound output" error (or similar). Bringing audio to the local client, I see the first couple of frames in the thumbnail bar, but the main screen remains black, and I get a Windows error that VideoRedo has closed unexpectedly, and do I want to report the problem to MS. I just tried leaving audio at the remote machine, and got the same Windows error, but when I tried to clear the box, I got a BSOD on the remote machine (STOP 0xC2, BAD_POOL_CALLER). First time that's happened.

I use RD for all my machines and generally prefer its behavior to VNC; guess I may have to revisit that decision, at least for this application.
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