Crash when opening a .ts file containing Mpeg2


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I recently upgraded my VRD TVSuite 3 to V4/H264. I have a LG MS-400H DVB-T recorder, that handle both HDTV and SD format.
Yesterday, I recorded a movie in SD format.
All records are with .ts files.
When I open the recording with VRDTVS 3, it opens fine and I am able to edit it properly, but when I use V4, it just crashes right away.
Is there some kind of log I could send so that this could be fixed ?


Edited : strange, after opening the content with VRDTVS3, now it opens fine with VRDTVS4 ! I guess I have to look into it some more...
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Perhaps it was just a fluke. Maybe the file was still opened by another program when VRD attempted to open it the first time or your anti-virus program attempted to interject since this was the first time you'd run v4. In any case as long as it doesn't happen again I wouldn't worry about it.

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