Crash if monitor folder is deleted


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This is such a small thing. You may want to address this, or not.

If one has set a Monitor folder, and subsequently that folder is deleted, the program will crash when opening with an error that a directory is not found. I had ignored the "drastic" warning and set a new monitor folder that had a bunch of episodes that didn't have s/e identification, so I could use VAP as an easy way of looking them up to see if they were duplicates, and having culled the duplicates and renamed and moved the non-duplicates, deleted the folder.

My workaround was to edit manually the .xml config file, which worked fine, but it might be better if the program started with the monitor folder blank so it could be reset.

My own dumb error.


Try teat VAP executable 1.33T8 (NOT an installer) contained in this zip:

It checks that the Monitor, TempQSF and Output Folders actually exist. If one is missing it gives a message telling which one(s_ and instructs you to shut VAP down and fix it. VAP will not do anything until you do this.
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