Crash error message Windows 8.1 64 bit


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VRD-TVS has been crashing a lot since I installed Win 8. In every instance the crashes occurred while I was using the joiner. But crashes have not occurred every time I used the joiner. The error message has read:
Large Buffer Malloc no more memory

Win 8 64 bit
Win 8.1 64 bit
16 GB DDR3



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For this error Try to Increase the buffer sizes to 1024 for audio and video. To increase the buffer sizes, click on the menu Tools>Shift+Options. The buffer sizes are items #13 and #14 on this screen. Set them to 1024 each and then restart VideoReDo and give it a try.


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Thanks, Pat. That fix seems to work consistently. The only exceptions have occurred when there were stream problems, and Quick Stream Fix took care of those.
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