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Having got a shiny new system with an Nvidia card, I've trialled v6. Great! Re-encoding a sample mpg to h264 down from 72 secs to 30. I'm going to buy the upgrade. As a matter of curiousity though, version 5 has a cpu usage of about 80%. V6 runs the GPU at about 80% but the 6 cpu cores are about 25%. Shouldn't the CPU be doing more work for even faster output?



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Are you using NVEnc?

In that case we don't control how much CPU it uses. We're dependent on the NVidia drivers. The only thing we use the CPU for when doing a GPU encode is for things like deinterlacing, rescaling, etc... Most of our code for these things is single threaded so they can't take full advantage of multiple CPU cores. Each one individually does run in it's own thread though, so the entire output chain will utilize multiple cores.
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