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I need help. I have an Ipod video and i'm looking for a software that could convert to a video format compatible with the iPod.
I contacted apple and they told me that "If the format is "MPEG1 Muxed" or "MPEG2 Muxed," the audio portion of the file may not be retained with QuickTime Pro or iMovie". I need a software that could convert MPEG MUxed to something else.


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So what if the MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 was demuxed (demultiplexed), would it then work with QuickTime Pro or iMovie?

VideoRedo can demux the video and audio into seperate streams. You could try this to see if these demuxed streams do work or not in your iPod.

Or try your favourite search engine for ipod+movie+format or similar.


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yes, if I could demuxed streams than the itunes could give the file the right format for the ipod. the muxed files can only play in the ipod but they don't have any sound. According to tech support of videoredo, is not possible to do it with that software. do you have any idea how to do that?


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I think that ipod video is mpeg-4? I dunno?

You may want to try autoGK it will spit out your video into mpeg4 video in xvid or divx flavor

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The best part is its free and will save you some scrilla.

oh crap but you is using the mac not the windows?

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