Converting output to Divx stalls


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This is my first post at VideoReDo.

After converting a sample of a tp file with VideoReDo, I tried converting the mpg file to Divx with Divx converter Pro. It works, but stalls for a very long time at the 50% and 100% marks.

Is there a setting in VideoReDo to fix this problem?



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Is it one file or all files?

What version of VideoReDo are you using?

What is the source of your video files? What capture device do you use?

What are the file properties? Load a file into VideoReDo and press Ctrl+L, press the "Copy to Clipboard" button and paste the results here.

What version of Divx converter are you using?

Does anyone else see this issue?


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By default DivX converter does a two pass encode. So this could simply be it reinitializing after the first pass (i.e. th 50% mark) and then cleaning up after the second pass. (i.e. the 100% mark)

Alternatively you can try AutoGK or Dr. DivX. personally I prefer Dr. DivX as it has a nicer UI, but both are better then the stupid drag and drop nothing UI of the DivX converter.

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