Converting JPEG to MPEG


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I’m using dvdauthor (w/ GUIs: DVDStyler and DVDAuthorGUI) as my authoring tool. It uses the mjpegtools: jpeg2yuv and mpeg2enc to convert JPEGs to MPEGs. When I look closely at the generated (menu) .MPG, the quality of the image compared to the source .JPG is quite poor. I noticed the file size for the single frame .MPG is about 1/4 of the source .JPG (and hence the quality loss?). I’ve played with some of the options for both jpeg2yuv and mpeg2enc without much change. Anybody have experience with these tools? Or other equivalent (command line?) tools? Or any insights into the (necessary?) loss of quality? Anyone know where the mjpegtools forum (or other support) is? I did a google search and poked around and I couldn’t find it.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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